Starting an Ecommerce Business - All you need to Know

The advanced technological era of today has compelled business persons to embrace digital working. From cash payments to daily shopping, almost every business activity takes place on online platforms. To stay in the race the businesses need to mark their entry into the world of e-commerce at the earliest. 

If you are looking forward to selling products online the checklist below will serve as your guide. Read on to know the secrets of starting an e-commerce business from scratch.

Look for trending products you can sell online

It is one of the most crucial and challenging steps to build a successful e-commerce business. Do some research and find out about the popular products that you can sell online. Internet is full of such ideas. It will prove out to be a great help to you.Research extensively and look for trending products or vendors. If you already have a retail business and want to sell the same products online. But still you must evaluate your product ideas for safe play.

Get your business website

Generally, business and domain name are the same, but you may also find a URL that relates to your online business. Make sure it’s easy to understand. Once you are settled with the name and URL part, focus on building a progressive e-commerce site. It should be functional as well as visually appealing. At the same time, it should be customer friendly. 

You may build the website on your own or reach out to a reputed e-commerce web development Company like ARIYAVAN.COM for out-of-the-box solutions. If you need a unique and modern custom-made website then it’s best to take the help of an expert company. They employ proven business strategies and advanced development technologies to ensure launch top-notch e-commerce website as per client’s requirements.

Get the required business permits and licenses

Like in the retail business you’ll need certain business permits and licenses to run your e-commerce business.A Bank account, business or Current Bank account is required to start of the Business. GST is optional, and required if your crossing the sales of 40Lakhs per year. Your need business permits in case of you have an office or private place to run your Business. Also, check with your state and city corporations to find out about the home business licenses/sales tax licenses needed to run the business operations.

Find a vendor(s) for long term business association 


With thousands of online sellers out there it is obvious that you will have to face tough competition. Hence, it is important to find a vendor(s) who can supply the best quality product/materials at cheap price. Look for a reliable vendor who can be considered for long-term association.

Create payment gateways 

Next important task is to set-up payment gateways for the success of your e-commerce business. It allows processing of debit cards, credit cards, cash card, and net banking transactions when placing orders on the e-commerce website. 

The documents required to integrate a payment gateway on your platform include business bank account, business’s PAN card, Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Identity proof, Articles of Association, Address proof, the privacy policy of the e-commerce platform.  

Stock a sufficient amount of inventory 

Listing your resources online isn’t enough. Make sure you have enough stock with you so that the required products can be dispatched as soon as you receive an order. Whether you book a warehouse for storing your products or elsewhere just make sure you have enough for the launch. 

Build a proper marketing campaign 

Once you set up your online store and complete all the above-listed steps, start selling your products online. Upload all the necessary product details on the site. But your work isn’t over yet. An effective online marketing campaign is needed to achieve the desired target and beat the heat of competition. Define your scale of operations and target customer well in advance. These are two essential parameters of a marketing campaign. 

Concluding Word 

Building an e-commerce business is both challenging and exciting. Starting from product selection to creating an e-store and marketing to new customers you will learn many things during the process. But all your efforts will be worth it.